How To Avoid The Chaos of Toronto's Taxi Strike During The NBA All-Star Weekend

Photo Credit: Justin Boyd

Photo Credit: Justin Boyd

Ah, the NBA All-Star Weekend. Where tens of thousands of Basketball's biggest fans are set to converge on our beautiful city of Toronto giving us a chance to show everyone the incredible things this city has to offer.

So it would make sense that a group of Toronto taxi drivers - angry at losing business to Uber- have decided to use this weekend in protest to strike and snarl traffic. 

But don't let this impending clusterf*ck ruin your time here. Here are a few ways to have the best time in the city while doing your best to avoid this taxi fiasco: 

Take the TTC
Ok sure, so compared to other developed cities our size, we may not have the best transit system. Probably one of the worst for its locals, to be quite honest. But good news if you're a tourist staying in the downtown: our underground subway system is pretty concentrated in the core of the city, so you should have no trouble whizzing in and around the area. 

Walk - Outside or Underground
The whole downtown is very walk-able and if the weather is bad, we have a pretty sweet underground PATH system that stretches 30 kilometres and offers shopping, entertainment, restaurants and all kinds of other services worth exploring! 

Get Out of the Downtown
In North America, if you've seen one downtown city core, you've probably seen them all. The best way to get a feel for how truly awesome and unique Toronto is is to explore all of our other neighbourhoods. Need help? Vogue named West Queen West the world's second coolest neighbourhood in 2014, meanwhile the New York Times thinks Toronto is one of the best places to visit this year and had high praises for our Junction hood. Speak to any Torontonian and they will gladly share their favourite parts of the city for that local flavour! 

Take Uber
Sorry not sorry but when it comes to faster, cheaper and more convenient, Uber is the clear winner in this transportation battle. Download the app on your phone and use this promo code for a free ride of up to $15. 

Take the UP Express - For FREE
For anyone coming to this city via Pearson Airport this Friday, you might want to give yourself some extra time in the event our Taxi protest is a complete mess.  But good news for those coming and going from Pearson airport February 13-15: the city's new express train from Union Station to Pearson airport is FREE this weekend!